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After surgery, the right kind of postoperative care can help you feel better faster — and with less bruising, swelling, and fluid retention. Rejuvenax Spa, located at the practice of Anthony N. Dardano, DO, FACS, in Boca Raton, Florida, has a massage therapist who offers on-site lymphatic drainage massage and ultrasound therapy that can make your recovery smoother and easier than you’d ever imagined. Dr. Dardano highly recommends this type of therapy for optimal recovery. Book online now or call the office to schedule your appointment today.

Post Operative Care Q & A

What is the best type of postoperative care?

Anthony N. Dardano, DO, FACS, recommends postoperative care based on your surgery and your particular needs. After many types of cosmetic surgery or procedures, such as liposuction, abdominoplasty, or breast augmentation, Dr. Dardano often recommends lymphatic massage and ultrasound therapy. The experienced massage therapist at Rejuvenax Spa within the practice specializes in postoperative therapy, making it convenient for you to get the care you need on-site. 

What is lymphatic massage?

A lymphatic massage is a special form of massage therapy that stimulates the lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system carries waste and toxins out of your body, but often the lymph fluid that contains them can accumulate after surgery. 

A lymphatic massage keeps the fluids moving, helps reduce swelling, and helps minimize bruising. Many patients find that lymphatic massage also reduces their pain and makes recovery easier, too. 

What does a lymphatic massage involve?

During the lymphatic massage, your massage therapist at Rejuvenax Spa performs many different movements, including sweeping motions, skin compression, stretching, and gentle cupping. 

All movements free trapped lymph fluid. Your massage therapist performs the massage in a sequence designed for maximum benefit for your surgical area and your whole body. By combining lymphatic massage with ultrasound therapy, you can even avoid serious scarring after the surgery. 

What is ultrasound therapy?

Ultrasound therapy is a type of postoperative treatment that encourages healing and reduces pain. The Rejuvenax Spa massage therapist has special training in postoperative ultrasound therapy. 

During a treatment, the massage therapist gently moves the ultrasound handpiece around the surgical area to deliver sound waves into the skin sublayers. The ultrasound energy triggers small vibrations that create warmth and friction below the skin. This launches your body’s natural healing response to work harder and more efficiently to speed up the recovery.

How many postoperative treatments do I need?

Dr. Dardano and your massage therapist recommend a plan that’s right for you. Many patients benefit from a couple of lymphatic massages prior to surgery, in addition to postoperative care. Ideally, a series of sessions is usually best. Because your swelling will be at its worst in the first week or so, it’s important to schedule your sessions promptly as recommended for the best results. 

Use the online booking tool or call Rejuvenax Spa in the office of Anthony N. Dardano, DO, FACS, to schedule your postoperative care now.