The Secrets to a Natural-Looking Facelift

To find out how a facelift at Anthony N. Dardano DO, FACS Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery can help you look naturally youn

Have you taken a good look at the noninvasive, anti-aging therapies out there? Perhaps you’ve even tried a few. If so, you know that when you have significant facial volume loss, excessive jowls, or a drooping chin or neck, the best rejuvenation can only come from an expertly performed surgical facelift.

Sometimes the idea of a facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, can be scary. That’s because you’re probably remembering pictures of celebrities whose facelifted skin appeared too tight and overly shiny.

At Anthony N. Dardano DO, FACS, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, in Boca Raton, Florida, our team understands you’re hoping for a facelift that leaves your skin looking natural, healthy, and ageless. And guess what?  Not only is a natural-looking facelift possible, but it’s also what you should expect from an experienced and professional surgery team. 

To help you get the results you deserve, our expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Dardano, shares five guidelines here that produce the most flattering facelift possible.

1. Find and use an experienced plastic surgeon

Bargain hunting is great when it comes to flea-market finds. But for a high-quality facelift, it’s best to look for quality first. Take your time interviewing top surgeons in your area, and ask friends and family for recommendations.

Consider consulting with several surgeons to get a sense of their personalities and unique skill sets. You want to feel confident and comfortable with them so you can ask all of your questions, air your concerns and get solid answers. Be sure to look at their before-and-after photos, and ask to see patients with facial structures similar to yours.

You’ll also want to work with a surgeon who doesn’t seem rushed. Your surgeon should explain the procedure in detail and tell you what kind of results you can expect. At your consultation, Dr. Dardano conducts a medical exam, asks you about your goals, examines your skin, and evaluates your underlying bone structure to determine if you’re a good candidate.

2. Consider a full facelift 

You may have heard about the “skin only” facelift as a less expensive and less invasive alternative to a traditional face-lift. That may be the right choice some of the time, but skin-only lifts don’t last as long as a well-performed traditional lift.  While the skin is lifted, underlying tissues continue to pull downward, meaning you can say goodbye to your results within a few years.

For a natural-looking facelift, Dr. Dardano performs a full facelift that lifts the skin along with the underlying superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) layer. This lifts and tightens your whole middle and lower face, giving you the most natural look as it mimics the structure of a younger face. Dr. Dardano also creates well-hidden incisions, so you don’t have to worry about obvious scars.

3. Choose add-on procedures for the best effect

Nothing can make a facelift look unnatural more than saggy, crepey neck skin that doesn’t match the youthful appearance of your new face. If you’re undergoing a facelift, talk to Dr. Dardano about having a neck lift at the same time.

You may also consider blepharoplasty, or an eye lift, to remedy heavy brows or drooping upper eyelids. Asking Dr. Dardano for more than one rejuvenating surgery at a time saves recovery time as well as the expense and inconvenience of multiple operations. 

4. Follow all pre- and post-op instructions carefully

For the most natural-looking outcome, full and uneventful healing is essential. Be sure to stop smoking at least two weeks prior to your procedure and for two weeks after it is complete. Dr. Dardano also provides a list of medications and herbs to avoid to reduce the risk of excess bleeding during and after surgery, so be sure to follow it exactly. 

Before your scheduled surgery, ask a friend or family member to be on call to drive you home and help with household chores, as you’ll need to take it easy at first. Avoid bending down while you’re still healing to prevent unnecessary swelling and bruising. Expect to miss a few weeks of work and your normal routine. 

5. Don’t ignore the surface of your skin

Take your facelift to the next level of natural by adding in rejuvenating therapies that improve your skin quality, including laser resurfacing, PRP facials, and various injectable and fillers

Dr. Dardano can schedule these services so they work in harmony with your facelift. As you heal, you’ll notice your skin not only looks lifted and tightened, but it glows with renewed youth and health.

Ready to learn more about a natural-looking facelift?

To find out how a facelift at Anthony N. Dardano DO, FACS Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery can help you look naturally younger and healthier, call us at 561-202-1248 or book a consultation online.


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