How Long is Recovery After a Mastopexy?

Most women want their breasts to look their best throughout life. However, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and aging all change the way your breasts look and feel.

Surgery is one of the most successful ways to change the shape, structure, and height of your breasts – but knowing what to expect is essential before going under the knife.

Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, is one of the most desired forms of breast surgery, especially after your body changes. A successful recovery from a mastopexy is essential to achieving the desired results.

Dr. Anthony N. Dardano, DO, PA, is an esteemed plastic surgeon who offers breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction surgery at his Boca Raton, Florida, office.

Dr. Dardano offers guidance through every aspect of breast lift surgery, from before the procedure to after you're home recovering. Here’s what to expect when recovering from a mastopexy. 

What is mastopexy surgery?

Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, is a cosmetic and reconstructive procedure that lifts the breast tissue. You may want a mastopexy after having kids, extreme weight loss, or from sagging breasts due to age.

Breast lift surgery aims to help your breasts look more youthful and boost your confidence. Dr. Dardano can perform a mastopexy on its own or in conjunction with a breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery.

You may consider a mastopexy if your breasts begin to sag due to age or genetics – but it can also fix certain imperfections, such as asymmetrical breasts or nipples that point in different directions.

A mastopexy is more than just a breast lift. It can solve many other issues with the shape and appearance of the breasts, including:

A mastopexy drastically changes how your breasts look on your chest, but it doesn't change the size. Suppose you want larger or smaller breasts along with a lift. In that case, Dr. Dardano performs a breast augmentation or reduction with the procedure.

How long does recovery take?

It's essential to understand that mastopexy is a surgical procedure that requires anesthesia and a significant recovery time. The procedure is generally outpatient, meaning you can go home on the day of surgery.

There are various stages of recovery after mastopexy surgery, but in general, it takes about eight weeks to fully recover. Following the guidelines we provide is the best way to have a seamless recovery.

The first few days after surgery, you can expect some swelling, pain, and drainage from the incisions. Dr. Dardano places a drain in the breasts to collect fluid and reduce swelling. You should have someone with you for the first 24 hours to help after surgery.

After a few days, you have an appointment to drain the fluid and have Dr. Dardano assess the incisions to ensure healing. For the first few weeks, Dr. Dardano wants you to sleep on your back and avoid raising your arms above your head.

You are given a particular type of bra that holds the breasts in place, reduces swelling, and provides support. The pain and other symptoms after surgery typically go away within two weeks.

It's possible to return to walking and light desk work as early as a week after surgery, but everyone's recovery is different. However, more vigorous activities may take up to six weeks to return to. Dr. Dardano discusses your specific goals and needs regarding recovery after mastectomy surgery.

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