How is a Mini Facelift Different From a Traditional Facelift?

How is a Mini Facelift Different From a Traditional Facelift?

Various minimally invasive procedures are available when you want tighter and younger-appearing skin — but what if you're not getting the desired results?

Considering surgical treatment for sagging or aging skin is a big deal, especially with many options. Two treatments are a mini facelift and a traditional one.

Regardless of your choice, Dr. Anthony N. Dardano offers an expert evaluation and the most advanced treatments, including facelifts.

Dr. Dardano is an aesthetic specialist with experience in cosmetic facial procedures. He evaluates your goals to determine what procedure is best for your needs.

What is a mini facelift?

A facelift is an invasive cosmetic procedure that addresses loose or sagging skin on different areas of your face and neck. If you're experiencing sagging skin on your neck, jowls, lower face, and sagging cheeks, a facelift may be for you.

However, when you're looking for a minimally invasive option that only corrects mild signs of aging and sagging skin around your lower face, you might be a candidate for a mini facelift.

A mini facelift is still an invasive procedure. However, you only need a few small incisions instead of the larger incisions required for a traditional facelift.

During a mini facelift, Dr. Dardano makes a few tiny incisions to tighten loose skin around your jowls and neck. It's not as aggressive as a traditional facelift but improves sagging skin and produces a more youthful look after recovery.

Dr. Dardano evaluates your skin, medical history, and goals to determine which facelift suits you. Then, he tells you what to expect with each procedure to choose the best option for your wants and needs.

How it differs from a traditional facelift

A mini facelift is very different from a traditional facelift in many aspects. For instance, you're better off with a mini facelift if you're in the beginning stages of aging and only need certain areas treated.

There are other differences between the two procedures as well, including the following:

Treatment area

The treatment area for a mini facelift is your lower face and neck. Dr. Dardano doesn't address your mid-face or upper face when he performs a mini facelift.

A traditional facelift does address other areas of the face, including your neck, lower face, and the central aspect of your face. You'll have more noticeable results with a traditional facelift.

Minimally invasive

While both procedures are relatively invasive, a mini facelift only requires small incisions instead of the larger incisions needed for a traditional facelift. As a result, the mini facelift is less invasive, meaning less pain and a shorter recovery time.


You're more likely to require general anesthesia with a complete facelift, and the procedure takes much longer. However, with a mini facelift, Dr. Dardano can perform the procedure with local anesthesia and mild sedation.

The mini facelift generally only takes an hour or two, while a traditional facelift can take up to five hours, depending on your required results.

Duration of results

Both procedures produce significant results, although the results from a traditional facelift last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. A mini facelift may only last up to five years, but many factors play into the length of your results.

Your age at the time of surgery and your genetics are critical factors in the length of your results. Your skincare routine after surgery is essential to keeping your results looking new.

Stay out of the sun and drink plenty of water for better results. Taking the time to care for your body and skin after your procedure can significantly extend your results.

To find out if a mini facelift is the right choice for your goals, don't hesitate to call the office in Boca Raton at 561-202-1248 or book an online appointment.

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