Am I A Candidate for a Thigh Lift?

79% of Americans are unhappy with the appearance of their body. Dieting and exercise are the keys to slimming down, but sometimes this doesn’t eliminate stubborn fat in places like your thighs. And even if you do lose fat, you’re left with unsightly, sagging skin.

Do you have excess skin in your thighs you’d like to get rid of? At the practice of Anthony N. Dardano, we provide thigh lifts as a way to reshape your thighs for a more desirable appearance. Here we explain what it involves and how to know if you’re a good candidate. 

What it does

Many women find they accumulate extra fat in their thighs. This is caused by estrogen, the leading factor behind the fat buildup women experience on their thighs and buttocks. While it is more common in women, many men experience extra fat here as well.

If you’ve dieted and exercised but still can’t get rid of pesky thigh fat, a thigh lift may be just what you need. A thigh lift aims to improve your thigh’s overall look and shape by removing excess fat and giving it a lifted appearance. This procedure takes about two hours and is done on an outpatient basis.

What to expect

You can do thigh lifts to improve the appearance of the inner, bilateral or medial thigh lifts. Depending on the degree of fat, Dr. Dardano makes various incisions to accommodate your body best and give you the results you’re looking for. He removes excess skin and fat while reshaping the remaining skin to give you the most desirable contour.

He may also place support sutures to hold the tissues in place at the greatest degree. Dr. Dardano is known for his expert surgical technique and minimal scarring. Most scars can be hidden by clothing or in the natural contour of your body.

Signs you’re a good candidate

Many people who have sagging, fatty thighs wear frumpy clothes to hide their appearance. Undergoing a thigh lift can help give you the confidence to wear shorts, dresses, and swimsuits again comfortably. Here are some signs that make you a good candidate:

Have a stable weight

Thigh lifts are a good option for those who have maintained a similar weight for a while. When dieting and exercise have done all they can for you, a thigh lift can help put the finishing touches on your dream body. We recommend you reach within 10-15 pounds of your goal weight six months before undergoing a thigh lift.

Good health

You must be in good health to undergo a thigh lift. Pre-existing health conditions may increase your risks or surgery and prevent you from a safe and speedy recovery. Talk to your doctor to see if a thigh-lift is a safe procedure for you.

Can take off three weeks of work

A thigh lift is considered an extensive surgery and requires a good amount of downtime. You should only undergo a thigh lift if you can afford to be off work and activities for approximately three weeks. You must also have someone to help you complete daily tasks while you recover.

Don’t smoke

Smoking can hinder your healing and increase your chance of complications. In some cases, you might be able to undergo a thigh lift if you agree to stop smoking for a period before and after your thigh lift. 

Have realistic expectations

A thigh lift can drastically change your appearance, but it’s crucial to have realistic expectations. Achieving a thigh lift is impossible without a scar, and depending on your current weight, there might be some limitations to your results. Speaking with Dr. Dardano is the best way to find if a thigh lift aligns with your vision.

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