A Closer Look at the Benefits of a PRP Facial

Your blood is a miraculous healing component. Nearly 7% of your body weight is made of blood. Your blood contains four components — red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. 

While all components are beneficial, platelets are critical in healing your body’s damaged tissues. A platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial harnesses the healing power of platelets by administering your blood to your face. The results are smoother, firmer, and more radiant skin.

At the office of Anthony N. Dardano, located in Boca Raton, Florida, we’re here to share with you some of the best benefits of a PRP facial.

All-natural treatment

Your body is exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins daily. Many beauty products don’t want you to know that they contain harsh ingredients that aren’t good for you.

A PRP facial is as natural as a treatment can get. It contains no foreign substances and uses only your blood. When you come in for your treatment, Anthony N. Dardano, DO, FACS, starts by drawing a sample of your blood from your arm. 

Next, he spins the blood sample at approximately 3,000 RPM on a centrifuge for several minutes. This separates the solids from the liquids in your blood, creating the platelet-rich plasma sample to be used.

There are two options of how the PRP is applied to your face. The first method involves injecting the sample directly into areas of aging like wrinkles and under eye hollows. 

The second, more popular method involves microneedling. Using a handheld device called a dermaroller, Dr. Dardano makes tiny holes in your skin before applying the PRP.

Supercharges collagen production

Collagen is the buzzword behind many anti-aging services for its vital role in healthy, youthful skin tissues. As you get older, your collagen production slows down, and many of us start to experience wrinkles and sagging skin.

PRP works to reverse this aging process by stimulating collagen production deep within your skin’s fibroblasts. This helps to heal your skin from the inside out, giving you dewy, youthful skin again.

Rejuvenated complexion

Every product on the market seems to erase fine lines and wrinkles, but most of them do little to change the nature of your skin. PRP addresses multiple skin concerns in one treatment giving you an overall refreshed complexion and healthy glow. 

By ramping up your collagen production and using growth factors to repair damaged age tissues, your skin turns over new, more youthful layers.

Some of the benefits you can expect are:

Your friends and co-workers might even ask what you added to your skincare routine.

It’s safe

When using a new product or undergoing a new treatment, you have to ask, “Is it safe?” You can feel good when you undergo a PRP facial because there are no adverse reactions associated with the procedure. 

PRP has been used in the medical field for years to help people heal from musculoskeletal injuries. PRP is so safe it’s often used post-surgery to help speed up the healing process. Recent science advancements have allowed PRP to be used for cosmetic uses, including hair regrowth and the PRP facial. 

Long-lasting results

PRP facials are one of the only treatments that offer immediate and long-lasting results. You’ll notice a great improvement in your skin after the first treatment but might need up to three treatments spaced a month apart to get the results you want.

After your final treatment, you’ll notice fuller, firmer skin and an improved skin tone. These beautiful results last for about 18 months, with some patients reporting them lasting as long as two years.

Experience the mega confidence boost of a PRP facial today. Call 561-202-1248 or book online.

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