3 Ways Breastfeeding Changes Your Breasts

3 Ways Breastfeeding Changes Your Breasts

Having kids is one of the most beautiful parts of life. There’s nothing like watching your little one learn and develop traits that you recognize in yourself. 

But after having kids, you’ve probably noticed changes in your body. If you’re like most women who breastfeed their kids, one of the most significant changes you’ve experienced is in your breasts.

While the changes in your breasts don’t harm your health, many women wish to enhance their breasts through breast surgery. At the practice of Anthony N. Dardano, located in Boca Raton, Florida, we’re here to tell you about three of the most common changes breastfeeding brings and what you can do about them.

1. Saggy breasts

Over the 40 weeks of your pregnancy, you’ve probably experienced your breasts grow bigger than ever before. During breastfeeding, you might have loved the perkiness of your breasts while they actively produce milk, and the tendons, skin, and tissues adapt to accommodate the body’s changes.

Once the breastfeeding is over and done, your body shifts back to a smaller breast size, and you might notice your breasts have become saggy.

Consider a breast lift

Do you want perky, tight breasts again? A breast lift removes the extra skin and tightens the breast tissue to give it a more desirable appearance. Unlike breast augmentation, a breast lift doesn’t focus on changing the size of your breasts but aims to give them a more youthful positioning.

A breast lift is usually done in four steps: 

  1. Anesthesia
  2. Incision
  3. Reshaping the tissue
  4. Closing the incision. 

Anthony N. Dardano administers anesthesia to keep you comfortable during your procedure. Next, he makes the incision pattern that is best for your body type.

During the reshaping process, Dr. Dardano lifts and reshapes your breast tissue and repositions your areola. If needed, he removes breast tissue to give a more rounded appearance and can even make your areola smaller for a more proportional appearance.

Breast lifts are a good option for women who aren’t happy with the sagging of their breasts and or dislike the fact that their nipples point downwards. This is a more natural approach for women who are happy with the size of their breasts but want to enhance their cleavage.

2. Your breasts shrink

Breasts increase two to three times their original size during lactation. If you’ve always wanted larger boobs, this may have been an easy change to get used to. However, once you’re done breastfeeding, the estrogen in your breasts decreases along with the fat, making many women believe their breasts are smaller than they were originally. 

While most of the time, it just seems smaller in comparison to your lactating breasts, many women wish to have larger breasts again. Luckily, you can have voluptuous breasts permanently. 

Consider breast augmentation

Over 193,000 surgeries of breast augmentation were performed in 2020. Breast augmentation is a good option for women who want to get the large breasts they’ve dreamed of and are done having kids. 

Breast augmentation involves placing silicone or saline breast implants under the breast tissue for a fuller chest appearance. Before your surgery, Dr. Dardano helps you choose the best breast size for your body by considering your frame, waist size, and hip size. You’ll try on a series of different cup sizes so you can see how they look.

On your day of surgery, local anesthesia is administered before one of three incisions is made. Next, an implant is placed either under the pectoral muscle or over the pectoral muscle. Lastly, Dr. Dardano closes the incision with sutures that stay in for about a week.

3. They become asymmetrical

Breasts may appear similar, but they are not identical. You might have noticed one breast looked different than the other far before pregnancy. Changes that happen to one breast during breastfeeding might not happen to the other. 

Breast engorgement is a painful condition that occurs when milk is overfilled in the breasts. This may cause one breast to become misshapen afterward. 

Breast tissue reaches up towards your armpit. When you’re breastfeeding, changes in your bust line may occur and cause your breasts to appear asymmetrical. 

Consider breast augmentation and a breast lift

Depending on the severity of your asymmetry, Dr. Dardano may suggest breast augmentation in the form of breast reduction or breast implants. 

To get the most desirable results, you can add a breast lift to your procedure to get the chest you’ve always wanted. This can essentially improve all problem areas in your breasts by helping them look more identical, giving them a better shape and a higher-sitting position. 

Are you ready to amplify your sex appeal with breast augmentation, a breast lift, or a combination of both? Call 561-202-1248 to schedule your consultation or book online.

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